A Cancer Registrar's Guide to the Immune System

The immune system is a collection of cells and organs that protect us from illness and disease and helps in the recovery process when we get sick. In this online course, we will explore the primary role of the immune system, that of destroying pathogens (germs) that are disease-causing micro-organisms such as, bacteria, viruses and parasites.  We will investigate the major anatomical organs and cells that are part of the immune system and learn how different types of immune responses are used to fight bacteria and viruses. This course will illuminate how immune systems work nonstop to keep the human body healthy and protected from disease, viruses and foreign invaders.

This online course consists of the following: 

  • Introduction & glossary
  • Section 1: Cells of the immune system
  • Section 2: Organs of the immune system
  • Section 3: Immune system failure
  • Section 4: Immune system over-activity
  • Section 5: Cancer and the immune system
  • References 
  • Quiz
  • Evaluation
At the conclusion of this course, the cancer registrar will be able to:
  1. Discuss the role and purpose of the immune system;
  2. Discuss lines of defense in the immune system and how they work to keep our bodies healthy and free of illness and/or disease;
  3. Describe ways in which the immune system fails and how the failure manifests itself in the human body; and 
  4. Discuss how cancer vaccines are used to compliment the immune system.