CTR Exam Online Practice Test (One Time Access)

The online CTR Exam Practice Test was created to assist individuals in studying for the CTR Exam. It is an assessment tool to aid individuals in gaging their understanding of the different content areas. The online practice test consists of 200 questions pulled from a bank of over 300 questions. The selected questions are organized by the seven Domains of Competencies as identified by the Council on Certification. Domains I, II and III are divided into closed book and open book sections. The passing score within each domain is 70 percent. The enrollment period for the this activity is 30 days from the date that is accessed.

The practice questions were prepared by experienced CTRs. To ensure there is no conflict of interest or ethics violations, no one associated with NCRA’s Council on Certification, at the present time or in the past, participated in the development of this practice test.

Seven Domains of Competencies:

  • Domain I: Casefinding - open book
  • Domain I: Casefinding - closed book
  • Domain II: Abstracting and Coding - open book
  • Domain II: Abstracting and Coding - closed book
  • Domain III: Follow-Up - open book
  • Domain III: Follow-Up - closed book
  • Domain IV: Data and Quality Assurance - closed book
  • Domain V: Analysis and Data Usage - closed book
  • Domain VI: Registry Organization and Operations - closed book
  • Domain VII: Cancer Program Accreditation - closed book

For detailed information regarding the CTR Exam, please visit www.ctrexam.org 

The content presented in the NCRA Online CTR Exam Practice Test has been created from source materials used by NCRA-accredited formal education programs and the references identified as source material for the exam by the Council on Certification and are not questions that you will find on the 2019 CTR exam. NCRA makes no claims that by using this study tool, a candidate will pass the examination.