In addition to online learning opportunities, NCRA offers resources that include a wide variety of publications and articles. NCRA strives to deliver valuable information to enhance the registrar's knowledge and provide programs to help them to succeed in their profession.

Technical Assistance

 Cancer Case Studies: A Workbook to Practice Assigning AJCC TNM Stage

NEW! NCRA produced this case study workbook to provide opportunities for cancer registrars to practice assigning AJCC TNM Stage using the new AJCC Cancer Staging Manual Eighth Edition. NCRA has included two sets of answers. One using the Seventh Edition; the second using the Eighth Edition. This construct will help registrars compare the differences. NCRA has also provided rationales for the correct Eighth Edition answers. The workbook includes 50 cases prepared by Donna M. Gress, RHIT, CTR.. 



 Cancer Registry Management

CRMPP TextbookCancer Registry Management: Principles and Practice for Hospitals and Central Registries (Third Edition)

NCRA's Cancer Registry Management: Principles and Practice for Hospitals and Central Registries is the premier textbook for the cancer registry industry. The textbook must be ordered directly from Kendall/Hunt Publishing.  To recieve NCRA member discount, call Kendall/Hunt Publishing directly at 800-228-0810.  Non-members can order online at

Member price: $163; non-member price: $189