CE Opportunities

Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities

NCRA provides a variety of ways for cancer registrars who have earned the Oncology Data Speicalist (ODS) credential to maintain it. Continuing Education (CE) credit opportunities include live webinars, learning modules, online courses, annual conference sessions, and quizzes based on articles from NCRA’s peer-reviewed Journal of Registry Management (JRM).

Note: All learning activities have an expiration date for completion.  Be sure to know what the expiration date is for your learning activity and complete before this date.  Learning Modules and JRM Quizzes will expire 30 days after they have been accessed by the learner.  Online Courses will expire after 60 days. 

Special Note: NCRA has changed the name of its credential. Oncology Data Specialist (ODS) is the new name for the Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) credential. Please note that any reference to the Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) credential should be understood to be the Oncology Data Specialist (ODS) credential. For more information regarding the name change see the ODS Name Change.

  • LIVE Webinars - A Webinar is a live presentation. Participants register in advance and receive directions via e-mail on how to log-in. Additional resource materials may be sent and most webinars conclude with a Q&A session. Many of the live webinars will be archived and presented as Learning Modules at a later date.
  • Learning Modules - A Learning Module is a self-directed education experience that contains a video of an NCRA archived webinar, resource materials, a quiz, and an evaluation. Participants are able to print the Continuing Education (CE) Certificate immediately following the completion of the module and passing the quiz. 
  • Conference Sessions - These are the previoiusly recorded lectures/presentations that were captured from NCRA's annual conferences. It allows individuals who were unable to attend the conference to view and attain CE credit. A viewing form is provided with each DVD to assist participants in recording all the sessions they would like to purchase for CE credit (additional fees apply when purchasing CE credits).
  • JRM Quizzes - NCRA offers members the opportunity to take a quiz based on an article in the Journal of Registry Management to earn up to 1 CE. Participants must pass the quiz in order to earn the CE.
  • NCRA Subscriptions - A bundle of learning products that can be purchased for a discounted price and accessed for a specific period of time. The learner is able to choose the products they wish to complete and earn CE credit.
  • Other CE OpportunitiesOther CE Opportunities houses unique educational activities with CE credits that do not fall under any of NCRA’s established product lines. 
  • NPCR - Find compelling examples of how cancer registry data are used to improve public health showcased here in the CDC-NPCR's annual Success Stories. Presented as posters, these stories highlight the innovative ways central cancer registries from across the country use data to help fight cancer.
  • SEER - NCRA worked with SEER to produce training on the 2018 Solid Tumor Rules. Those activities can be found on this page, as well as the SEER Workshop sessions from NCRA's Annual Educational conference.
  • Online Courses - An Online Course is a self-directed education course containing several learning modules. It is structured so the participant may leave the course and return at a later time to complete. Participants are able to print the Continuing Education (CE) Certificate following the completion of the course and passing all the quizzes. 
  • Other Education (No CE Credit) - Education products listed under this category are not eligible for CE credit due to the information being considered basic, introductory, fundamental or refresher. They are geared toward individuals who are new to the field of cancer registry, individuals who have been absent from the field for an extended amount of time, and individuals who may need a refresher in a specific area.