NCRA's Mentoring Program

NCRA has established a new Mentoring Program to assist students and cancer registrars in earning the CTR credential and to help current CTRs advance their careers. NCRA’s Mentoring Committee seeks to match mentors with the most appropriate mentee based on shared backgrounds, interests, and career goals.


Special Presentation for NCRA Mentee and Mentors -

Selling Yourself Through Your Resume

Sponsored by NCRA Mentoring Committee and MedPartners HIM

Successful resumes don’t just tell about your qualifications — they sell you as the ideal package. Your resume inspires their first best guess, so you want to make sure it’s a compelling portrait of your strengths and skills. Help employers see not only what you have been responsible for, but how well you did it, why it mattered, and how you can make that success happen for them.

Selling Yourself Through Your Resume (PDF copy of slides)

Mentoring in the CTR Profession Archived Presentation

One of the best ways to promote the profession and combat a misconception that cancer registrars are sophisticated data entry clerks, is by mentoring new and future registrars. Presented by CHAMPS Oncology, Vice President, Toni Hare, RHIT, CTR, this webinar will  help CTRs discover how to become involved as a mentor and understand the importance of mentoring, especially in the cancer registry profession.